Cathy Pimentel

Declared by certain members of the media as “the ambassador of Fado in Canada ”, Cathy brings to the global music stage a blend of international rhythms spiced with the much-loved Portuguese “Fado”, making her a unique and longed-for music artist. Her original style and exceptional performance has taken her to cities around the world performing for thousands of fans who enjoy participating in passionate and emotional encounters of sound and poetry. Her pure and melancholic singing united with the cello, the classical guitar, the piano or accompanied by the sacred Portuguese guitar has been declared by many as a combination that embraces even the most divine souls.

From very humble beginnings, this Canadian born artist grew up in a typical traditional Portuguese family who taught their children the values shared in their home country and the importance of partaking in the ideals of their new country. At a very young age, “Cathy” as she is known to those around her, understood this conception and cuddled those values and ideals to develop a universal rhythm made up of different languages and styles. She currently shares these coveted gifts with her audience throughout the world during her performances.

Cathy always cherishes the opportunity to present themselves her musical talents to distinguished audiences who value music and art. Her preferred fans are those looking for selective experiences and are ready to submerge in a musical palate of diversity.

So, why don’t you join Cathy in this journey and let her carry your soul to another musical dimension where only the mind can feel and the heart can see. The next time you meet, give her a shout and say “Welcome home, comment ça va!? ”

Hope to see you!